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MultiPort Valves, Pressure Vessels, IntiSoft Automatic Softeners, Conductivity Meters, pH meters / ORP Meters, Rotameters, Digital On Line LowPressure Drop Flow Meters,Pressure Tube For RO Plants, DAZZLE - Under Water Light For Swimming Pool, Aestero Control Panels For Automatic RO Plants, Pr. Switch / Level Switch, SDI Kits For RO Plant, High Pr. Pumps, U.V. Purifiers, Cartridges , Membranes , Cartridge Housings And Victolic Couplings,Components For Old Design Water Treatment Plants, like Strainers, Ejectors, GE Merlin Institunational RO

For  sometimes  now , we  at  Filtra  Consultants And  Engineers, have  been  broadening  our  horizons  and  looking  beyond  India.  We  are  concentrating  on  Global  competitiveness,  leveraging  global  opportunities  and acquiring  global  capabilities.

Filtra’s  relationship  with  its  employees   goes  beyond  mere  employer employee   relationship.  We  provide  friendly  atmosphere , opportunities  to  learn  new  skills and  excellent  growth  opportunities  for  young , dynamic hardworking  personnel. 

Hardworking,  honest  and  intelligent  trainees  have  become  Branch  Managers  in  less  than  3 years   time.  Many  young  trainee  engineers  have  become  successful  independent  entrepreneurs  in  the  field  of  water  treatment  within   3  to  4  years   of  joining  us.

If  you  wish   to  grow and  prosper  with  us  and  want  to  share  our  dynamism  and  vision
Please  post  your  detail resume  at    filtraw@gmail.com

( Openings  as Administrative  engineer / Sales  engineer /  Service engineer /  Trainee engineer / Technician / Chief  Accountant /  Accounts executive / Office  assistant )


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