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MultiPort Valves, Pressure Vessels, IntiSoft Automatic Softeners, Conductivity Meters, pH meters / ORP Meters, Rotameters, Digital On Line LowPressure Drop Flow Meters,Pressure Tube For RO Plants, DAZZLE - Under Water Light For Swimming Pool, Aestero Control Panels For Automatic RO Plants, Pr. Switch / Level Switch, SDI Kits For RO Plant, High Pr. Pumps, U.V. Purifiers, Cartridges , Membranes , Cartridge Housings And Victolic Couplings,Components For Old Design Water Treatment Plants, like Strainers, Ejectors, GE Merlin Institunational RO
Components for Old Design Water Treatmen Plants, like Strainers, Ejectors

Components for Old Design Water Treatmen Plants, like Strainers,  Ejectors


Distribution Systems and Range of Accessories and Spares for Old Design Water Treatment Plant

• Distribution System Hub and Lateral ranging from 6 M3 / hr. to 40 M3/ hr.
• Ejectors in ABS / PVC / CI / MSEL constructions.
• Air Release Valves / Vacuum Breaker for FRP vessels.
• Brine Directors for Auto Brine Solution Preparation.
• Adjustable Flow Control Arrangement Drain Elbows.
• Pressure Gauge Adapters.
• Flange Fittings for MPV .
• NRV and spares for dosing pumps.
• Valve Block for small DM plants.
• In / Out Adapters for Small size plants and non-regenerative mixed bed units.


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