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Conductivity Meters

Conductivity Meters


We   have   following   ranges  of   Digital   Online   conductivity  /  TDS  meters.

CT 650 :- Most Advanced Microprocessor based On line Digital Conductivity / TDS meter.

Conductivity Meters

Auto Ranging :- One Meter is suitable for range of 0 to 20,000 microseimens.

We can also provide meter with higher conductivity ranging to few lacs microseimens.

Control Delay :- Every time RO plant or DM plant is started meter will ignore the reading for programmed control delay time so that plant can be started smoothly without unnecessary tripping / alarms and plant can be started directly in Auto Mode.

Inbuilt Buzzers / Ack. Button / Audio Visual Alarm :- This ensures that for small plants no need to go for costly electrical hooter and acknowledgement accept / reset buttons. All these features are inbuilt in the meter.

Easy calibration / Traceability to ERTL / NABL :- Calibration is done using front keys. No need to open the meter for calibration. All the meters are calibrated with master meters having traceability to ERTL / NABL.

Display Both TDS and Conductivity :- You can select the unit of display i.e microseimens for conductivity or ppm for TDS.

Choice of Two Sensors :- You can connect 2 sensors to one meter to make entire instrument very economical. This meter is made specially keeping in mind all the requirements of water treatment industry.

Choice of Panel Mounting or Field mounting :- Unique design with IP 65 protection makes meter field as well as panel mounted. A separate panel mounted enclosure is also available.
Choice of longer cable lengths with 4- 20 mAmps transmitter for remote indication.

CT 650  for  Ultrpure  High  Purity  Water.
Range   from  0  to  1.999  microseimens
Display  Available  in  Resistivity  Also  up 18 mega ohms.

Resolution   :-  0.001  Microseimens

CT 650 with Range upto 9999 microseimens Ideally suited for Auto Blow Down Systems in Cooling Towers. Prevents Scaling in Heat Exchanges and Process Instruments.

Resolution   :-   1  Microseimens

CT 650   with  4 – 20 mAmp  output.   This  meter  is  available  in  all  the  above   Ranges.  Ideally   suitable    
    when   Long  Cable  lengths  are  required.  Has 
            Display  in  Panel  as  well   as  in  Field.


Choice  of  SS  316  Sensor  with  Triclove  Fitting  for  Pharma  Applications.




4 –20 Amp. Signal


0 – 1.999 µ s



Avaialble at Extra Cost.  Only   with  LED  Display.
Isolated Output  on  Field  Monitor.
Source  available within the  Meter.
Max.  Loop  impedence  less than 250 Ohms.

High  Purity  Water.

0 – 1999 µ s



DM  Plant / RO Plant

0-  9999  µ s



RO Feed /  Cooling Tower Auto Blow Down System.

0- 1999 X 10 µ s



RO Feed /  Cooling Tower Auto Blow Down System

0- 199.9 mili seimens µ s

0.1 mili seimens
( 100 m s )



CI 550 / TI 550 Advance microprocessor based On Line Digital Conductivity / TDS indicator.
Conductivity Meters

Now  with  Front  Keys  setting,  Display  both  Conductivity   and  TDS.  Calibration  with  front  keys 
Unique  new  design  to  mount  same  meter  in  panel  as  well   as  in  Field.

Available  at  Lower  price   than  CT  650.

Auto  Ranging :-  One  Meter   is  suitable  for   range  of  0  to  1,999  microseimens.
Only   continuous  online  display  of  conductivity   or  TDS  for  cost  conscious  clients.

Traceability   to  ERTL  / NABL  :-   All   the  meters  are  calibrated  with  master  meters  having  traceability  to  ERTL  /   NABL.

                                     Avaialble   in  Flameproof  Enclosure Also.
CI 250 / TI 250 Advance Battery operated Economical on line Meter.

Digital Meter, Analog Meter, Larger Digital Display

Digital  Meter  at  the  cost  of  Analog  Meter.
Larger  Digital  Display

Range   upto  200  microseimens  or  2000  microseimens

Very   economical   state  of  art   battery  operated   CI  250 /  TI  250  meters  operate  on  9volt  battery.  Reading  will  remain  ON  for   45  seconds  once   the  Read  button  is  pressed.

Most  suitable  for   Small  DM  plants /  RO  plants. 

Traceability   to  ERTL  / NABL  :-   All   the  meters  are  calibrated  with  master  meters  having  traceability  to  ERTL  /   NABL.

Choice  of  Two  Sensors :-  You  can  connect   2  Sensors  to  one  meter,  to  make  entire  instrument  very  economical.   This  meter  is  made  specially   keeping  in  mind  all  the  requirements  of  water  treatment  industry.

Pen Type Conductivity / TDS Meters From HM Digital / Milwakee / Hanna and Eutech Cybernetics.

Pen Type Conductivity Pen

TDS  Hold from  HM  digital  USA. Range  10 to 10,000ppm 
Available  Ex Stock.

TDS Meter Water

TDS  Meter  Water Proof   from  Eutech  Instruments.

Ex Stock Available.


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