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Distribution System, Hub Distribution System, Lateral Distribution System, Top Double Strainers, Bottom Double Strainers, Side Mount Distribution System Double Strainer, Side Mount Distribution System,

Distribution System


Distribution sytem for flow rate of 100 lph to 40,000 lph ( 40 M3// Hr. ) are available.

For Top as well as side mounted MPV.

Available for Vessel Op. of 2 ½” / 4” threading and 6” Flanged op. Vessels.

This systems can also be used inside SS and MS or MSRL Tanks there by saving fabrication time and cost.

Hub And Lateral Distribution System
Top And Bottom Double Strainers
Hub And  Lateral  Distribution  System
    Top And Bottom Double Strainers
Side Mount Distribution System Double Strainer
Side Mount Distribution System
Side Mount Distribution  System Double Strainer 
Side Mount Distribution  System Double  Hub And  Lateral  for 40 M3/ hr.  

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