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Dosing System

Dosing System

Dosamatic  :-  World’s  Best,   Non  electric ,  Proportionate  Dosing  System.

If You Need Dosing System Which Is

1. Automatic
2. Proportional
3. Accurate
4. Measuracle
5. Adjustable
6. Maintenance Free
7. Easy To Install
8. Self Proming
9. Weather Proof
10.Compatible With Chemicals Dosed
11. Non-Electric / Non-Electronic
12. Safe-Free From Fire Hazard
13. Independent From Chemical Storage Tank
14. Cost Effective / Reasonable Priced
Dosing System

Dosing System

Applications Of Dosamatic.

    For Dosing Of ...

1.  Alum In Raw Water.
2.  Polyelectrolytes In Water.
3.  Bleaching Powder / Hypochlorite In Raw / Potable / Process Water.

4.  Acid / Alkali In Water For Ph Correction.

5.  Corrosion And Scale Inhibitor / Bio-Dispersant In Cooling  
     Tower / System.

6.  Hydrazine / Sodium Sulphite / Oxygene Scavengers In Boiler
     Feed Water.
7.  Corrosion And Scale Inhibitor In Boiler Feed Water.

8. Liquid Detergents In Dish Washing Machines.

9.  Liquid Fertilisers In Nursery Farms.

10.Speciality Chemicals / Medicines In Poultry Farms.

11.Blue  Dye  In  Kerosene.

12.Speciality Chemicals In Process.

Dosing System
Dosing System
Dosing System
Dosing System
Dosing System
Technical Specification
Min.   Actuating  Pr
0.3  Kg./ cm2
Max.  Operating  Pr 5.0  Kg./cm2
Flow  Range  for Model  Ex-02     

1 to 30 lph

Max. Hydrotest  Pr 7.5 Kg/cm2

Material Of Construction
Engineering  Plastics
( Delrin )
Poly - Amide  Plastic.
Double P.T.F.E. Ball Type.
P.P with P.T.F.E. Sleeve
Rubber Parts      
Metal  Parts  
S.S. -316
Suction  Filter     
Inlet  Connection
20 NB  (3/4” ) B.S.P.
Outlet  Connection
20 NB  (3/4” ) B.S.P.
Dosing System

Operation :-    

A  water  pressure  driven  piston  is  mechanically  linked  to  a  dispenser. The  pressure  of  water  starts  the alternating  movement  of  the  piston. This  alternating  movement  is  transferred  to  the piston  plunger, creating  suction  and  dosing . In spite  of  variation  of  flow  and  of  pressure  in  the pipe line,  the dispenser maintains  a  constant  dosing  ratio because  it  is  proportional  and  volumetric.

Dosing System


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