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GE Merlin Institutional RO

GE Merlin Institutional RO

GE Merlin Institutional RO
GE Merlin Institutional RO

We supply entire Skid Mounted 
unit with Single Phase 1 HP. Pump With Pretreatment and SS Skid. Low Pressure RO Ideally suited for 100 lph application in Hotels / restaurants / 
schools / hospital Very less maintenance and
 Best quality Institutional RO.


The Merlin is a point of use reverse osmosis system that provides continuous, on-demand water. It features a breakthrough high flow-rate technology developed by GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies. The Merlin RO system is designed for residential use and light commercial applications including:

• Restaurants
• Coffee Shops
• Aquariums
• Grocery Misters.

The Merlin system is the most revolutionary innovation in point-of-use RO technology since the first such units were introduced. Water treatment professionals can now offer their residential and light commercial customers an exclusive improvement over other water purification methods.

The Merlin uses a new, patented membrane element technology that provides flow rates up to five times greater than standard home RO membranes. The membrane element is designed to work from 40-80 psi (2.7-5.5 bar) inlet water pressure and 40-100°F (4.4-37.8°C) water temperature. The Merlin performs better as pressure and temperature increase. Ideally, pressures will be higher than 50 psi (3.4 bar) and
temperatures will be higher than 50°F (10°C). Figure 2 represents the application conditions recommended for the Merlin system.

GE Merlin Institutional RO

Flow Rates

Factors that directly affect flow performance from the Merlin include:
• Net driving pressure (NDP)
• Inlet water temperature
• Inlet water conductivity (TDS)
• Installation factors

An understanding of these factors and how they affect flow is critical
for maximizing the Merlin’s performance. To estimate Merlin’s performance, follow these steps:

1. Determine inlet TDS.
2. Determine inlet water temperature.
3. Determine net driving pressure.

GE Merlin Institutional RO

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