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Multi Port Valve

Multi Port Valve


We  provide  following  valuable  and  exclusive  services  to  our  clients  based  on  more than 10  years  of  expert  and  detail  knowledge  on  MPV,  fluid  dynamics,  process, piping and operation of water treatment  plants.

We   help   you   in,

1) Selecting  correct  size and  type of  MultiPort Valve for your application. (  sizes       vary  from  15 NB to  65  NB and  flow  rates from 100 lph to 80,000 lph. )
2) Selecting correct and most suitable  inlet  / outlet  directions in MPV for your       application.
3) Selecting most appropriate end connection type in MPV for your application.
4) Selecting  correct   distribution   system  for  your  application.
5) Repairs of our as well as competitors  MPV.
6) Trouble  shooting of MPV.
7) Training  of  your employees on MPV.  ( Training  is  subject  to  terms  and      conditions )

We help you in designing most economical water treatment plants.
We  help  you  in  designing  most  economical  and  most  advanced  Automatic  Water  treatment  plants.

All   these  services   are  available   FREE   when  you  buy   MPV  from  us.
Send   your   process  details  and  requirement  to   enable  us  to  help  you.

Applications of  MPV :-  


• Downflow Pressure Sand Filters.
• Downflow Multigrade Filters.
• Downflow Activated Carbon Filter.
• Downflow Iron Removal Filter.
• Used as 3 Way / Diverter valve.
• Suitable for service flow rates upto 80 M3 /hr. and backwash flow rates upto 120 to    130 M3 /hr.
• Option of fully automatic filters.
• Special programme available for Fully Automatic Swimming Pool filter application.


• Upflow Softeners.
• Downflow Softeners.
• Suitable for service flow rates upto 70 M3 /hr. and resin upto 5,000 ltr.s
• Option of Fully Automatic Softener.
• Option of Fully Automatic one operating one standby scheme.
• Brine tank automation.
• Special programme for Domestic Bungalow Softeners.

DM Plants

• Suitable for 2 bed DM plant
• Suitable for Mixbed operation.
• Suitable for Fully Automatic DM plants with advance regeneration features reducing    rinse water quantity.
• We can supply Fully Automatic Mix Bed.

We can offer Specialised Automation to your plant requirement

We  have  supplied  largest  no.  of   Fully  Automatic  Water  Treatment  Systems  in  India  through  large  no.  of  O.E.Ms.

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