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Multi Port Valve 25 NB MPV

Multi Port Valve [ 25 NB MPV ]

Multi Port Valve 25 NB MPV
Multi Port Valve 25 NB MPV
Multi Port Valve 25 NB MPV

Unique  Lift  and  Turn  Arrangement  for  Longer  Life  of  Valve.
Warranty against  Disc  breakage  for  2  Years.     


Available Options

• Top mounted suitable for 65mm (2½”) or 100mm (4”) top opening vessel.
• Available in Stronger Material forinstallation with Hydropneumatic system / Automatic
   RO plant / higher pr. application.

Scope of supply

• Top & bottom strainers.
• Injector for softener and DM plant MPV.


Valve  connection  with  top  opening  vessel
65 mm (2 ½”) NPSM (8 tpi) or 100mm (4”)
Riser  pipe  size
32mm PVC pipe
Inlet,  outlet,  drain  connections
25mm  BSPF quick release union straight 
Regenerant  suction  tubing  size
½ ”
Max.  flowrate ( valve + strainers + riser pipe)
6000 lph @ 0.5 kg/cm2
Maximum  resin  quantity
250 litres
Injector  ratio
Maximum  Operating  Pressure
4 kg/cm2   /  6 Kg/cm2  for  GF
Minimum  pressure  for  uniform  suction
2.0 kg/cm2
Riser  pipe  length  with  bottom  strainer  attached  should  be  40mm  above  vessel  top.
Multi Port Valve 25 NB MPV

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