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Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches
Pressure Switches

Technical Specifications

Moc: Body: Nylon
Diaphragm: Viton
Spring : SS316

Switching Element: 15 A @ 230 Vac
End Connections: ¼” Bspm


All Plastic Corossion Free Wetted Parts
Both No & Nc Contacts
Good Repeatability

Optional   in  Metal  Covers

Pressure Switches

Change Over Contact
Switch Relay
Switch type 
Low & High
Colour Coding
Low – Blue , High – Red
Differential type
+ 2% of FSR
0.5 to 5 &  2to 25 Bar
Sensing element
Neoprene diaphragm
Pressure Housing
Nylon – 66
Max. Operating Temperature
60 degree Centegrade
Switching Element
15A @ 230 VAC
1/4" BSP
Pressure Switches

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