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MAG Flow Meters

Mag Flow 650 provides worry free flow measurement, which measures the flow of any conductive fluid flowing through it. It uses non-intrusive measurement element hence derbies/solids will not interfere with the measurement. Its rugged rubber lining provides outstanding electrical insulating properties.( Option of PTFE, Teflon lining also available ) Mag flow 650 is well designed for industrial waste and water industry. The performance is independent of material properties such as correction, viscosity, density etc.

As always all Mag flow meters are individually calibrated.
Available with RS 485 Output ( Standard ) / 4 -20 mAmps Output ( optional )

  • No Moving Parts to Wear and Break
  • Unaffected by Density or Viscosity
  • Reversing Flow Warning
  • 270° Display Rotation Possible
  • Ideal for Waste Water