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ECS R Series UV in SS 316 L

UV disinfection is used in many different applications ranging from purification of drinking water in individual homes to decontaminating the drinking water supply of entire townships and cities.

UV disinfection finds use in virtually any application where microbial free safe and pure water is required; and where there is a chance of the water being contaminated before it reaches the final point of use.

The EcoStream range of UV systems has been introduced to address the need for a high performance but economically priced UV system for the disinfection of drinking water and general purpose light industrial applications.

The new EcoStream UV system is backed by the extensive R&D that goes into each and every Alfaa UV product, and the best in its class after sales service and support.


The EcoStream UV reactors are designed and validated using advanced CFD modeling codes which have resulted in an optimized “L” shaped design with flow enhancement baffles built directly into the system. These designs also make the fitment and piping of the EcoStream UV into your skid easy and inexpensive.


All EcoStreamUVmodels come standard with a digital time elapse meter, lamp life remaining counter, and an audio-visual lamp replacement and lamp failure alert.


EcoStream UV systems are available with the option of a UV Intensity monitoring system which is essential when treating water having unknown physical and chemical properties or in cases where online validation of the system is a must.


EcoStream PackagingAll EcoStream UV systems are packaged in sturdy corrugated packaging with EPE inserts to provide protection against shocks and impacts. The elimination of wood in the packaging reduces weight thus directly resulting in lower transportation costs. This allows for the quartz to be directly assembled into the reactor during shipping which significantly cuts down on the installation time and errors.