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Ultrapool UV for Swimming Pool

For Safe, Healthy & Easily Manageable Pools & Spas this product helps in various ways.

Promotes Health
By reducing toxic by products of chlorine disinfection, UltraPool UV offers greater safety and minimizes the risks of skin and eye irritation, allergies, asthma, and cancer.

Unlike chlorine, there is no risk of overdose or production of toxic by-products. There is no residual effect that is harmful to human skin, eyes, or the environment.

Lesser Chemicals
By reducing the use of Chlorine as a sanitizer with high intensity UV light, Ultrapool UV greatly reduces the dependence on chemicals.

Easy to Manage
With fewer chemicals, maintaining the PH balance is simpler. This means less time adjusting chemical levels and more time to enjoy your pool.

Green Technology
Environmentally friendly with no residues, or toxic side effects.Easy Installation
Ultrapool UV systems can be connected between the filtration plant and the line returning to the pool. Retrofit in existing pools is easy.Assured After Sales Service
Ultrapool UV Systems come with the assurance of reliable after sales service, the hallmark of trust from Alfaa UV.