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Alfaa UV for Waste Water

The WWR series is brought to you by Alfaa UV, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and a leader in its field. Alfaa UV has been disinfecting water for industrial applications to the highest standard. This same commitment to disinfection has prompted Alfaa to develop the WWR series to address the growing need for a reliable & environmentally responsible way to disinfect and reuse wastewater in these water starved times.

Designed for Dependable Performance

Features & benefits that make the WWR series unique

Specially Designed and Sized for Low UV Transmission

Flosteer Logo
FloSteer UV TechnologyUnlike ordinary UV systems the WWR Series is designed to effectively handle challenges posed by the complexity of tertiary treated wastewater having low UV transmission due to high amounts of BOD, COD and TSS. Alfaa UV’s proprietary FloSteer Technology ensures superior disinfection at lower capital and operating costs.

Automatic Quartz Wiper Systems

Wiper Before After
Wiper TechnologyThe well engineered Quartz Wiper System operates on-line without interrupting disinfection. Wiping takes place automatically at timed intervals without operator involvement. Result: Quartz glass remains clean, UV transmission is uninterrupted, and maintenance hassles drastically reduced.

High output Amalgam Lamp Technology

UV LAmps Matrix
FloSteer UV TechnologyThe new Alfaa WWR series uses high output Amalgam lamp technology to generate a higher UV dose to tackle high BOD, turbidity, and TSS. This results in a smaller footprint, simplified maintenance and lower operating costs.

UV Monitoring System

FloSteer UV TechnologyA highly accurate and calibrated UV sensor encapsulated in a watertight stainless steel housing continuously measures the UV output within the reactor. It also triggers automated wiping cycles in order to self correct in case the drop in UV intensity is due to fouling of the quartz.

BMS and GSM Connectivity

GSM ConnectivityWWR Series is optionally available with a SCADA commutations module which when interfaced with a Building Management Systems (BMS) can remotely monitor and log UV parameters.
In absence of a BMS, a GSM communications package allows the user to receive SMS alerts in case of failure or when the system requires maintenance.