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Filtra Consultants and Engineers

Filtra Consultants and Engineers Ltd.


Filtra  Consultants  And  Engineers Ltd.   is  associated  with  following  NGOs 

1. CRY  -  Child  Rights  and  You  (  www.cry.org  )
2. REAP – Reach  Education  Action  Programme  ( www.reapchild.org )
3. RSVK – Rishi  Samskruthi Vidya  Kendra  (  www.ssy.org )

We  not  only    contribute  part  of  our    Profits  to  these  NGOs  but  also  work  hand  in  hand  with  them 

1. CRY  - 

Child Rights and You is an Indian NGO that believes in every child's right to a childhood - to live, learn, grow and play. For over 35 years, CRY and its 200 partner NGOs have worked with parents and communities to ensure Lasting Change in the lives of more than 2,000,000 underprivileged children, across 23 states in India. The core belief of CRY and its supporters is that no Indian child should be deprived of rights as basic as survival, participation, protection and development. We are  proud  to  be  associated  with CRY  for  more  than 15 years in ensuring happy, healthy and creative childhoods.

To  know  more  about  CRY  please  visit  www.cry.org

2. REAP -

REAP launched a virtual war on illiteracy through a mass campaign 8 years ago. Today it has reached 450 literacy centers spanning the length and breadth of Mumbai and surrounding rural areas upto Nashik city in the North of the State. REAP takes literacy to the doorstep of every child howsoever far and remote he may be through a non-formal education programme. The campaign covers more than 11,000 learners which include children on the street, slums, rag-pickers, child laborers, tribal children. The Programme is open to all irrespective of caste and creed.

We not only share our profits with these NGO but also conduct classes to Train Balwadi teachers in the field of handling children easily and how to help children study and learn effortlessly and joyfully.

REAP was awarded the international 2005 Opus Prize for outstanding

Humanitarian work on 7 th November, 2005, at Marquette University ,

United States . Marquette University , also conferred on the Director an

Honorary Doctorate for his contribution to the cause of education for the

marginalized. The Opus prize is a $ 1 million humanitarian award for

excellence in social entrepreneurship. “The winner demonstrates

innovative strategies in solving deeply rooted problems, poverty, hunger,

illiteracy or disease”.

To know more about REAP please visit www.reapchild.org

3. RSVK  - 

Rishi Samskruthi Vidya Kendra (RSVK) is an organization

founded by Param Pujya Yoga Brahma Sri Rishi Prabhakar. RSVK is a

not-for-profit organization that works for the welfare of mankind all over

the world, through several programs designed to enable every fractioned

to live life in a state of 100% joyfulness and freedom.

The various programs and projects are conducted under the aegis of Life Yessence Academy (LiYA). LiYA centers are spread around the world and can now be found actively promoting Pujya Guruji's vision and teachings to people from all walks of life.

To know more about RSVK please visit www.ssy.org


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